Project Description

Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Department of Criminology
Pleinlaan 2, 1050 Brussel
Room 4B311

Stef Decoene obtained his PhD in Psychology in 1992, involving experimental and statistical approaches to measurement and perception. He received a K.U.Leuven and then N.F.W.O. post-doc research mandate, before starting in 1997 as a correctional psychologist at the Department of Justice, Psychosocial Prison Services. He remained with the K.U.Leuven psychology department as an academic consultant, developing a practice-based research line centering on (the development of) psychopathy, risk assessment, and micro-criminogenic offense explanations.
After a ten-year academic hiatus, he was appointed part-time lecturer at the V.U.B. Criminology Department with a research interest in the intersection between risk management and decision making, desistance, (non-)compliance, and rehabilitation.
He engages extensively with training adult and juvenile treatment settings’ staff in RNR-integrity, risk assessment, offense-centered working alliance, and psychopathy, and has been supervising and supporting teams in change management from clinical-psychological and welfare perspectives to offense-centered what-works interventions (notably in the Flemish Youth Community Institutions).

Current teaching:
Criminologische Psychologie (Criminological Psychology)
Forensische Psychologie (Forensic Psychology)

Previous education:
Master in Psychology; Doctor in de Psychology; Aggregate for Teaching