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Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Department of Criminology
Pleinlaan 2, 1050 Brussel

Christian Eliaerts is currently a professor emeritus of the Department of Criminology.
He started his carreer as a research assistant at the Centre for International Criminal Law (Director Professor B. De Schutter) and assistant in criminal law (Professor H. Bekaert; Professor V. Van Honsté; Professor M. Châtel)
Since 1981 he worked as a full time professor at the Department of Criminology. His main courses were: Introduction to Criminology and Victimology, Juvenile Law and Criminology, Penology, Policing and Criminal Policy.
His research focused on sentencing (alternatives to imprisonment and rights of prisoners), juvenile law (legal rights of juveniles, restorative justice, transfer to adult courts) and community policing. He was co-founder of the journal Panopticon and the Centre for Police Studies. Christian Eliaerts was president of the Department of Criminology and Dean of the Faculty of Law and Criminology. He was a member of the Board of the University and the Research Council (President of the Human Sciences Commission).
In 2007 he retired.

Previous education:

Master in Law and Criminology; Doctor in Criminology